Kosančić Ivana 5

21 000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Tel: +381 21 54 70 50




About us

SZR „BIANCO“ is a family business founded in May 2012. with a goal to provide high quality professional dry cleaning, washing and clothes ironing.

We will clean Your clothes efficiently and quickly, while You can spend Your time on other activities.

We are modern dry cleaning and we offer the services of dry cleaning, washing and ironing for legal entities as well as persons. Our target groups are people and institutions with daily need for perfectly clean laundry, no matter what type.

We put our clients’ needs first!

The goal of SZR „BIANCO“ is the long-term partnership with clients. The flexibility in our work is in service of our costumers: we try to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients and to achieve maximum quality in short time at very reasonable prices.  

Eco Dry Cleaning according to the European standards!

Italian technology, knowledge and experience!

Good prices!

Quick and efficient!


We clean

  • suits
  • jackets
  • trench coats
  • coats
  • leather clothing
  • fur wear…


We wash quilts, blankets, furniture upholstery …

The working temperatures of our washing machines are 90, 60, 40 and 30 º C. For cleanliness and freshness of Your laundry we use professional detergents and softeners. After the drying process, we pack all laundry in biodegradable bags, designed to fulfill all Your expectations, but also we care about the environment.

For restaurants, we have special facilities and offers for washing of tablecloths and napkins!

We iron Your laundry with professional steam iron. Specially trained workers carry out the process of ironing.

We paint all natural fabrics in black, blue, dark blue, brown, dark red, green and yellow. Due to the specific characteristics of a material we cannot guarantee the color tone. You can make a free test on a piece of material and confirm afterwards if the shade fits You.